As An Accountant, Bookkeeper, or CPA, Are Your Business Clients Sales Tax Compliant?

In a recent article from CPA Trendlines it states that 98% of small businesses are failing to fully comply to their sales tax responsibilities. Also, on top of that 71% of accountants falling short on helping their clients be sales tax compliant. Despite everyone knowing that sales tax is a requirement there are still many accountants and CPAs that are unaware on how they can help their clients. We work a lot with accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs and I asked the team to come and talk about what a partnership with us looks like.

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Podcast Interview With Jeff Bickel CPA, From Tanner LLC

We love working with CPAs. Our relationships with CPAs are complimentary, since our area of expertise is in sales and use tax. In general, CPAs are looking for sales/use tax experts, since they typically like to focus on other tax matters. In today’s podcast, we are going to be talking with Jeff Bickel. Jeff has been with Tanner for over 15 years, and has spent the last 10 years acting as the managing partner in Salt Lake City, UT. As we commonly are talking about What’s Next, we thought it would be very helpful to learn from Jeff about what he and Tanner would cover in one of their own introductory calls with clients.

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Working With a Sales Tax Specialist When You Have a CPA

Getting compliant with state sales tax requires informed counsel. Somebody that can help identify your nexus and what you should be paying. Somebody more specialized than your CPA. In this podcast, I invited Jason Parr, our President/ CEO, and we’ll look at why you need both.

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