When It Comes To Sales Tax Compliance There Are 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself.

2022 is upon us and we predict that this year will be the year of enforcement. With all of the states having enacted economic nexus legislation they will now start enforcing those laws. Understanding your sales tax responsibilities is not an easy task. There is a lot of information and a lot of the time it is difficult to discern which laws are appropriate for your business. We aim to take the guess work of what you should do. That is why we came up with these three questions. Come listen in and find out what they are.

Additional Questions Answered:

What should I expect when it comes to sales tax in 2022?

How do I determine nexus?

How do I determine the taxability of my product or service?

Are digital goods taxable?

If I sale solely on an online marketplace like amazon, am I responsible for collecting the sales tax?

Why is it important to consider the method of how I sell my products?

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