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Hosted ByRyan Johnson, Daniel M. Peisner, CMI, Jason Parr CEO, Paul Johnson, VP

What You Need To Know About Income Tax Nexus

The Wayfair and Supreme Court decision that was made back in 2018 has caused 1000s of businesses to have sales tax nexus and have the obligation to get registered. Another repercussion that is often not addressed is that getting registered in some of these states could also trigger income tax nexus. You could possibly be responsible for remitting income tax as well. I recruited Dan Peisner, CMI to address this issue and to answer all of the questions that we have encountered.

Additional Questions Answered:

What states should I be looking at for income tax?

What thresholds are there for income tax?

Public Law 86-272 what is and what protections does it offer?

What does PL 86-272 not protect me against?

Are there any whispers of change?

If you have sales tax nexus you may be liable for income nexus. If you are unaware of what your nexus footprint is you can schedule a free consultation with us here

If you would like to watch the video of this episode go here

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