What to Look For in a Sales Tax Professional

When gettingĀ  sales tax compliant, like most things in tax, it can get complicated quickly. As a start up, small business, or you just sell on one marketplace facilitator like Amazon sales tax is simply not that complicated. But, if you are selling on multiple channels, you have multiple products or services, and you sell at a high level getting a sales tax pro is well worth it. We can help you strategize and come up with the best route forward.

Additional Questions Answered:

How long has Peisner Johnson been around?

How do I know what level of sales tax consulting I need?

Should I rely on my CPA for my sales tax responsibilities?

Does Peisner Johnson work with CPA's to help their clients with sales tax?

What is the best way to work with Peisner Johnson?

If you are looking to get sales tax compliant or you are looking to change up your provider reach out to us here: https://peisnerjohnson.com/whats-next/

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