What is a Refund Review and How Could it Benefit You?

Have you been in a sales tax audit? Have you ever wondered if you are paying too much sales tax on the purchases you make? Have you ever wondered if you aren't paying enough sales tax? You have probably wondered if your sales tax is even being handled correctly. A refund review could help you in every aspect. That is something that we talk about in this episode.

Additional Questions Answered:

Am I paying too much sales tax?

Am I paying too little sales tax?

Should I be self assessing sales tax on my purchases?

What gets looked at during a sales tax refund review?

Should I get a refund review during a sales tax audit?

How Would a refund review benefit me during a merger and acquisition?

If you have ever wanted to get a once over on your sales tax situation a refund review can be a good place to start. You can schedule your initial call here: https://peisnerjohnson.com/whats-next/

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