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Hosted ByRyan Johnson, Daniel M. Peisner, CMI, Jason Parr CEO, Paul Johnson, VP

Troubling Trends We Have Found With Sales Tax Compliance

Have you been researching and investigating on how to best handle your sales tax responsibilities in 2022? You are not alone. You have probably found that there are a few different options, including,  automated software solutions and other full service providers like us, Peisner Johnson. Today we talk about what you can expect.

Additional Questions Answered.

What do I need to know to determine my sales tax responsibilities?

How do I know if I am collecting the right amount of sales tax?

What are my cheapest sales tax compliance options?

What pitfalls are there with automated software solutions?

How do automated software solutions calculate my sales tax returns?

How does Peisner Johnson calculate my sales tax returns?

How are notices handled with automated software and Peisner Johnson?

Will stated audit my sales tax returns for correctness?

Do I need to pay the estimated tax due on a state notice?

What kind of notices will I get from states?

If you are looking into your options and need help deciding what will be best for your situation. You can jump on a What's Next Call with us and we can help you through the decision process. 

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