Third Party Contractors Give You Sales Tax Nexus.

If you are currently selling your product or service online you are probably aware of economic nexus. You are probably even tracking your sales and transactions to make sure you aren't hitting economic nexus thresholds. But, did you know that anyone that you contract to fulfill a service give you nexus in that state? And, that you need to register for a sales tax permit and start collecting sale tax? Today we talk through a few different scenarios where you may have physical nexus.

Additional Questions Answered:

Do do third party contractors give me sales tax nexus?

What are the economic nexus thresholds?

Do common carriers give me physical nexus?

Do deliveries using my own vehicles give me physical nexus?

Does dropshipping my product give me physical nexus?

If you are unaware of your own sales tax responsibilities the best place to start is with nexus. Use our free Nexus Calculator to see where your responsibilities lie. 

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