The SALTcast

Hosted ByRyan Johnson, Daniel M. Peisner, CMI, Jason Parr CEO, Paul Johnson, VP

State by State Sales Tax: Alabama

Each week I will be highlighting a new state and will be going over their nexus laws, thresholds, how to register for sales tax, how to collect the sales tax, and how we can help you.

Topics Covered In Order:

Sales and Use tax overview.
     – Sales Tax
     – Sellers Use Tax
     – Consumers Use Tax

When you should collect the tax in Alabama.

What happens when you don’t collect the sales tax.

What gives you nexus in Alabama.

How to register your business for sales tax in Alabama.

How to collect the sales tax in Alabama.

Sales tax exemption certificates.

Filing your sales tax returns.

Using Peisner Johnson to help you.

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