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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Tax and Doing Business as an eCommerce Business

While all of the amazing advances in technology area make it easier to sell your items to customers in the US from all over the world, it can be frustrating trying to understand the tax laws you have to deal with. You would think that if you are doing business over the internet you should be able to find the answers you need on the internet. Unfortunately, you can find A LOT of contradicting information that will leave you frustrated and farther away from the right answer. We deal with sales tax 24/7… no joke. I hope to answer some of the most asked questions on today’s episode.

Additional Questions Answered:

When should I register for sales tax in a state?

What is nexus?

What is physical nexus?

What is economic nexus?

Do I need to worry about physical nexus anymore?

What are the state’s economic nexus thresholds thresholds?

How can I know whether or not my product is even taxable?

If I am selling using Amazon FBA do I need to register wherever they have a warehouse?

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