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Just When You Thought You Were Up to Speed with the New Economic Nexus Laws, States Start Changing Them Up….

It has been over a year now that the South Dakota v Wayfair Supreme Court decision has been issued and almost all of the states now have economic nexus laws on their books. Most of these laws have become effective over the last year. You may be thinking to yourself that everything is probably calming down and you have less to keep track of. Think again! Many states have already changed their laws, some changes may benefit you, but most benefit the state! Find out today some of the significant changes and how they affect you.

Additional Questions Answered:

Can I avoid registering for sales tax in a state?

Will there ever be sales tax stability amongst all the states?

What do I do next now that I have sales tax nexus?

Am I double-paying sales tax?

Do the sales tax economic nexus thresholds change?

What states have made changes to their economic nexus thresholds?

Will marketplace facilitator laws replace economic nexus laws?

Will these new economic nexus law changes be good for me or affect me poorly?

Will any new laws remove the transactional economic nexus thresholds?

Will states drop economic nexus laws altogether?

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