If I Sell On An Online Marketplace do I have to be registered for Sales Tax?

There are so many ways that you can sell your product. One of the most popular ways is through a marketplace facilitator like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. In many cases a seller can de-register their sales tax accounts if they only sell on a marketplace facilitator. So, I asked Paul and Jason, under what circumstances would a seller need to remain registered or get registered for sales tax.

Additional questions answered:

What is a marketplace facilitator?

If I only sell on Amazon do I have nexus and have to collect sales tax?

How does materiality play into determining wether or not I should register for sales tax?

If I have inventory in a state do I have to register to collect sales tax?

If I only sell on a Marketplace can I just deregister all of my sales tax accounts?

What are some of the pitfalls I will run into with sales tax?

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