How Technology Has Changed The Sales Tax World

Technology over the last few decades has immensely improved. 30 Years ago when Peisner Johnson was created, research has gone from paper leaflets in binders to the internet. Despite vast improvements sales tax technologies isn't “set it and forget it.” Sales tax is complicated enough and ever changing that it will always need collaboration with sales tax practitioners.

Additional Questions Answered:
How long has PJCo been around?

How can sales tax software help?

Where is sales tax software a hinderance?

Using sales tax software can I just set up my sales tax accounts and forget it?

What does sales tax software not do?

Has PJCo handle sales tax notices?

Should my sales tax returns show that more sales tax than I actually collected?

If sales tax software and automation solutions isn't quite what you suspected you are not alone. That is why we have the free “What's Next” call so we can help you decide what you need to do next! Schedule a “What's Next” call here:

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