Have You Implemented Colorado’s New Retail Delivery Fee?

If you file sales tax returns in Colorado you know just how quickly it can get very complicated. There is not only a state sales tax but there are home rule cities and counties. These are all independent  tax collecting jurisdictions. Now on top of the sales tax you are collecting you now are required to collect the RDF or retail delivery fee of .27 cents on every delivered product.
Listen in as we go over what you should be considering for your own business.

Additional Questions Answered:

What makes Colorado so complicated with sales tax?

Is the Retail delivery fee a tax?

What form do I use to remit the retail delivery fee?

How much is the retail delivery fee?

What happens if I don't pay the retail delivery fee?

Can I collect the retail delivery fee from my customers?

If you need help getting the retail delivery fee in CO jump on a call with us and we will make sure you have it set up correctly. Schedule a call here: https://peisnerjohnson.com/whats-next/

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