Could You Go to Jail For Failing to Remit Sales Tax?

We often talk about what the most costly mistake is when it comes to sales tax. That is ignoring your sales tax situation. Every month you ignore it the greater your liability increases. When the sales tax could have been collected from your customers it is now coming out of your pocket. There is another side that we want to talk about today that we call the greatest TRAGEDY of sales tax.

Additional Questions Answered:

Could I really end up in jail for failing to remit the sales taxes I collected?

What if I have been collecting sales tax but haven't sent it to the state?

Am I set up to collect sales tax correctly?

Can a state force me to pay the tax after I have closed my business?

How does Peisner Johnson Help?

Can I collect the sales tax at the highest rate in a state and call it good?

What are the solutions if I have collected sales tax but haven't remitted?

If you are in this boat and are unsure of what to do next, book your free What's Next Call today and let's get you sorted out.

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