When it comes to sales tax in the US, businesses face a tremendous challenge.

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You Will Probably Be Getting a Letter From Illinois Informing You of a Sales Tax Audit

We have noticed that Illinois has increased their sales tax audits significantly. I few of our clients are currently under audit or have received a letter of intent to...

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Let’s Talk About Dropshipping

Dropshipping is making easier for anybody to get into the ecommerce space. The concept of dropshipping is pretty simple. When it comes to sales tax dropshipping can be confusing...

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2021 Florida Sales Tax Amnesty Program

Florida was one of the last to sign in economic nexus and marketplace facilitator tax law legislation. Along with the legislation they also, almost quietly, released a sales tax...

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Hitting Economic Nexus Thresholds? You May Have Established Physical Nexus Years Ago.

Economic Nexus has been the talk of the sales tax town ever since the 2018 South Dakota vs Supreme Court (Wayfair) Decision. What we have found is that Physical...

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Every state has its own rules and tax rates. Each state has its own idea of “nexus” or the point at which a business is required to collect tax in their state. Each state has their unique laws around the taxability of goods and services in their state. Some states exempt food products, and/or clothing, and/or, medical products, and/or digital goods. And these rules are constantly changing and evolving. E-commerce businesses and their advisors are caught in a very difficult position trying to stay on top of everything in this rapidly changing environment. That’s where the SALTcast is meant to help. We’ll try to bring episodes each week that will help keep up with the changes and give you answers to specific stat tax scenarios that e-commerce businesses face.