When it comes to sales tax in the US, businesses face a tremendous challenge.

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We’ve developed dedicated SALT solutions for retail, corporate tax executives, finance professionals and CPAs and tax accountants in public practice. And we’ve helped thousands of clients get compliant while saving time and money.

How Technology Has Changed The Sales Tax World

Technology over the last few decades has immensely improved. 30 Years ago when Peisner Johnson was created, research has gone from paper leaflets in binders to the internet. Despite...

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Could You Go to Jail For Failing to Remit Sales Tax?

We often talk about what the most costly mistake is when it comes to sales tax. That is ignoring your sales tax situation. Every month you ignore it the...

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Are You Collecting the Right Sales Tax Rate?

Compliance seems pretty straight forward, but some states are a little more complex than others. Collecting the right sales tax rate should be easy to figure out, but like...

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Sales Tax Due Diligence is More Important than You Realize.

Due  diligence when merging or acquiring a business is a no brainer. What happens way to often is sales tax is overlooked or not looked at at all! Sales...

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Every state has its own rules and tax rates. Each state has its own idea of “nexus” or the point at which a business is required to collect tax in their state. Each state has their unique laws around the taxability of goods and services in their state. Some states exempt food products, and/or clothing, and/or, medical products, and/or digital goods. And these rules are constantly changing and evolving. E-commerce businesses and their advisors are caught in a very difficult position trying to stay on top of everything in this rapidly changing environment. That’s where the SALTcast is meant to help. We’ll try to bring episodes each week that will help keep up with the changes and give you answers to specific stat tax scenarios that e-commerce businesses face.